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October 15, 2015 Presentation

We have posted the presentation provided by our speaker this month.

Presentation (click to download)

Flammable Tap Water, Did Fracking Cause It?

(Geochemical Forensics as a Basis for Differentiating between Thermogenic and Biogenic Methane in the Wilcox Aquifer, Haynesville Shale Trend, Caddo Parish, Louisiana.)

Bruce K. Darling, Ph.D., P.G. (TX and LA) is a Senior Consultant with Geosyntec Consultants and regularly provides litigation support for oil and gas matters in Louisiana, as a subject matter expert in the field of geochemical fingerprinting of hydrocarbons. Bruce also has over 25 years of experience evaluating geochemistry with a focus on brine, arsenic, heavy metals, and NORM concentrations for a number of Texas and Florida-based projects.

Fracturing and Natural Gas in Groundwater: Is There a Connection?

Origins of Natural Gas Discharging From Shallow Groundwater