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752981_oil_pumpsOriginally formed in 1989 as the Industry Advisory Group (IAG), the organization assumed the name “Industry Council on the Environment” in 1991. At that time, the scope of membership broadened from focusing solely on Texas petroleum storage tank matters to developing and monitoring a wide range of environmental issues affecting business and industry. Often a state agency will receive legislation that must have policies and guidance developed quickly. ICE provides industry expertise in a collaborative manner to help develop reasonable policy.


Our monthly meetings have featured commissioners, department leaders, technical experts and decision makers from Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Railroad Commission of Texas, Texas Water Development Board, and other environmental agencies and organizations, as well as industry experts.


ICE and our members have participated in the development of the following  legislation and state regulations:


  • Texas Spill Rules
  • Texas Risk Reduction Program and all related guidance
  • Texas Dry Cleaner Program
  • Texas Volunteer Cleanup Program
  • Texas Water Well Database


ICE has also put committee efforts into the following Industry Task Forces:

  • Texas PST Task Force
  • Texas Stage II Vapor Recovery Force
  • Texas UST Compliance Task Force
  • Texas Reimbursement Cost Guidelines Task Force
  • Chapter 334 Stakeholders Groups
  • TRRP Guidance Documents

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